Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a possible future in hr???

last night we were at owen's omi and opa's house.  owen wanted to pretend to go on a treasure hunt, and of course, he needed me to go along.  he led us down into the basement and into their back room. after about 10 minutes of playing, i was done, and i told him we needed to come upstairs.  he followed me, but stopped at the laundry room, telling me i had to follow him because he needed to show me the "short cut." i told him i was well aware of the short cut through the laundry room to the back room, and he needed to follow me upstairs.  he told me i wasn't listening.  i told him to get his butt upstairs.  once upstairs, i settled down in the living room to watch tv next to rick.  after a few minutes, owen told me that he needed to tell me something, and i needed to follow him into the bedroom, so he could talk to me.  i told him to just tell me, but he insisted, we needed privacy.  i went into the bedroom, laid on the bed, and asked what he needed to tell me.  he replied, "you're fired." i replied somewhat loudly, "what are you talking about, i'm fired!" he responded, "you need to talk more quietly. you are to loud." i responded, "yeah, i'm loud! i'm upset, you just fired me!" he said again, "i asked you to be quieter, try talking like me.  not so loud."  i questioned, "why am i fired?" he said, "because you do not listen. i told you to follow me in the short cut, and you would not listen, so you are fired." "so, i'm fired from being your mom?" "no, you are still my mom." "so, i'm just fired from treasure hunts?" "yes."  "okay, i can live with that." "alright, now go sit on the floor, i want to jump on you." "no, i'm not going to sit on the floor."  "see, you are not listening again.  this is why you are fired!"

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